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Fundamental business analysis is the key to finding better stocks. Qualitative parameters such as 1) Business model 2) Vision, Mission statements 3) Management and board 4) Short term catalysts were discussed in greater deal during this zoom meeting. It is very vital that we systematically follow the company press releases (PRs). The mission statement will indicate the path that the company wishes to travel. However, PRs provide information on actual progress, one of the reason we advocate a concentrated portfolio, is to follow the company closely, right? PR is one way of doing it.
Patience is the virtue of an investor and that we know already.  Another significant quality to successful investing is to be consistent and be disciplined. These are critical to completing your mission with palpable success

what is being consistent?
Buffet, our master says ‘Don’t miss a single day’. Yes, don’t let a trading day passing without you checking on your companies. When you do it regularly then you become consistent

what’s discipline?
Doing whatever it takes to be consistent is what we call discipline. Crossing all the hurdles, facing all the external forces and still running towards the target, like a race horse runs till the line in the court is what we call discipline.
You are a horse in the race. Run, run till the finish line!
If you have missed the live, or you want to watch it again, here is the link.

-with love 😉

Your London Investor

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