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Folks, how are you all? It’s Saturday and yet my calendar seems pretty packed. Nonetheless, I thought I will write a quick note to you guys 😊.
After a couple of tough weeks, we finally had a well-deserved break yesterday. I was pleased to see you guys full of energy and enthusiasm during our post market live session.

We started with this mission three months ago. We had identified many stocks during this time frame but $GAXY has been seen as an absolute blunder so far.  However, I never doubted about celebrating ‘THE DAY‘with $GAXY. YOU WILL SEE PEOPLE RUNNING BEHIND $GAXY TO BUY MORE SHARES.  What we saw yesterday was a trailer. When the D DAY arrives, it will do so like a like a rain in monsoon. We will get wet and we will celebrate that day. Count on that…

I have increasing faith in $KWBT. Again, patience is the key here. I wouldn’t know how long the wait could be. But ‘THE DAY’ for $KWBT would also arrive. You can count on that too.

$ALPP was an absolute game changer for us. We have been playing a top notch game with $ALPP.

$ABML is our future and there are many more to come.

Now, let’s focus on what to do next.
A clean portfolio with a great investment strategy is must.
Many of us have started the process of cleaning up our portfolio. A concentrated portfolio is what I call a ‘clean portfolio‘. Want to know more? Watch it here
This is a very subjective topic and we can try and draw some basic guidelines together

Good luck

-with love 😉 Your London Investor

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