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Dear Partons,
As we expected, Monday was an absolute bliss. Being part of your happiness was what makes me thrilled. For many of you, it may be the first good day of trading. For a few others, it may be one of very few good days you ever have had in the market. Whatever it may be, we all had a good day. That’s what matters. This is the reward for our patience. Having said that, I should perhaps add on a little here: Whatever you have in your unsettled accounts at this point is not actually yours. The gain you have got is called ‘paper gain’, meaning it is not yours until you sell your equities and turn them to profits. The gain can grow and even become bigger in numbers, that’s what we all hope for. OR, it can shrink. Whatever happens, the basics that we have learnt so far will not change. That knowledge should help us to be steady, despite the market volatility.

Looking at the trend, I must say, we seem to have yet another good day today. $GAXY, $KWBT, $CTRM, $SENS, $ABML, $LLKKF, $MARA, $RIOT, $TAKOF, $IQST, $BIOL, $EUSP and all of our other picks should work just fine. Some of them could show strong bullish move while others take a slow turn. Again, whatever happens, don’t forget your basics. Patience, long term play, swinging for capital gathering, helping others, and growing organically – these are the few I should remind you here.

Let’s hope for a better day at the market folks.

-with love 😉

Your London Investor

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