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Dear patrons,
I presume many of you have loaded up on your positions with $GAXY and $KWBT. The more you have, higher the gain! Remember, the opposite is also true. Every time share price jumps by one point, meaning, $0.01, your overall portfolio will show a greater gain/ loss. In a positive scenario, i.e., in the case of a gain, your portfolio would grow from £10,000 to £30,000 and from there to even bigger numbers. If at all KWBT and GAXY reach $0.30, before April, think about how your portfolio would look like?

Now it’s time for you to think about your tax situation. If you are in the UK and your overall gain is more than £12,300 for this year, you are required to pay capital gains tax. We have a dedicated room for tax resources in our discord channel. Please do check out our UK capital gain tax guidance document. It is in an easy downloadable pdf format. If you are from US, Canada or any other part of the world, please do follow your own tax guidance. From our side, we are trying to get help from our US members on US tax guidance too.

Well, let’s talk about today’s trading plan.
I have 10k free cash in my account. It is always good to have free cash in your account. If anything comes at a cheaper price, you can jump in and buy. I want to buy more of $TAKOF. I may buy 5k shares today. Also, if there was a dip with $IQST, I will buy some of it too. LLKKF, however is a sad story for UK Investors. You need to buy as small as 40 shares worth £10 in each buy, for your orders will get filled. It’s absolute non-sense. But we have no other option, have we? Nevertheless, I will keep on buying as much as I possibly could.

This is an unpredictable market; so do always expect the unexpected to happen. You should be ready for a worst case scenario. Making decisions in a panic mode will eventually make you a market victim. So be cautious. Play the game wisely. You will be fine at last, because, do remember, nothing is gonna happen until you trade your positions.

-with love 😉

Your London Investor

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