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Our Patron community has been growing rapidly. I am glad that all of you here today, somehow value our work. Our admins and moderators are constantly working on enhancing your experience. Just to give you an idea, it was suggested that we should have an exclusive chat room in our discord for each group so that the Patrons chat rooms will not be over crowded. This has been implemented now and moving forward, we will have separate rooms for silver, gold and platinum members. You will be assigned to these rooms manually. It will be a hack of a job for our patron admin, Zayana, but it should be done one way or the other. Besides we are planning on having a separate web page to update our schedules. We have been working closely with developers on some other projects and we will keep you updated on progress made in the coming days.

Let’s talk a little about business.
Market was moody yesterday, wasn’t it?
And yet, a few of our picks did really well. $CTRM was exceptional throughout the week. If you are holding positions, you must be happy about this purchase we made a month ago. Do watch our insights on $CTRM when the share price was still around $0.30 a month ago

We were challenged for choosing this stock by ‘kids’. Anyway, I am glad that we were proven right once again. So, what will happen to this stock from here?
Well, I believe it will continue to rise. It has the capability to ride all the way to $5 back again. Let us see.
Guys, please keep your eyes on $GSAT as well. It may be the next $CTRM. I have my full conviction on this company. Oh boy, their financials are spot on.

I am aware that most of you have $GAXY in your portfolio. There have been attacks on $GAXY by many haters from all sides. Let us see how far they gonna do this!
Nonetheless, let’s be clear on one thing: Our view on $GAXY has not changed. We believe in their business model and if anything changes, you will be the first to know.

$IQST is the next one! This is a super cool stock. Please do your DD before you proceed with this.
Finally, folks you should strengthen your positions only if you are convinced fully and have backed up by your research. Don’t buy opinions, even if it comes from me.

Stock investment, like the one we do here, is as they say it โ€œa warโ€, folks. Everything is fair in war and love. So it may look like an unfair game for you good people. That’s right. It’s a very unfair game. But we should do it, we have no other choice. So, let’s fight and win every day.
On the other hand, It’s OK to be unfair in love too ye?
So we can choose love to be unfair. Oh boy, it’s a good feeling being lost in love.
So, let us learn to except to be defeated in love.

Good day folks
Much love ๐Ÿ’˜

Your London Investor

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