Stand by your investments

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So, many of you have listened to $GAXY’s conference call together with us. What do you think of it? I personally think it was a very good call. Though the profit discussed was not very impressive, overall revenue has increased. That’s a good sign. In addition, their overall assets value has also increased. That may be a reason for the increase in overall expenses. But all in all, these are very positive things to take forward.

This however didn’t reflect in yesterday’s price action. Nonetheless, whatever happens in the market, if you are patient, I am certain that you will be reward big time with this stock.
To quote Master Lynch:
“People who succeed in the stock market also accept periodic losses, setbacks, and unexpected occurrences. Calamitous drops do not scare them out of the game”.

Impressive news from $ABML! They have the first draft of the factory design in place and we expect a press release soon. This is just a beginning of what I think would be more of such occurrences, all of which wold help to push the Share Price further up. Yesterday’s overall market crash didn’t play in ABML’s favour though. We are operating in abnormal times now. Again, to go back and quote Master Peter Lynch, “Stand by your investment”

In spite of the current dynamics, few of our picks worked really well and helped us find a much needed balance.

Guys, have you noticed that patience really pays? If not, please do watch the list of our picks. When I say patience, I mean a very cautious calculative one. We will learn more about it in coming days.
Well, here are a few stocks to watch for today;

The trick is not to learn to trust your gut feelings, but rather to discipline yourself to ignore them. -Peter Lynch

Have a good play folks.

-with love 😉

Your London Investor

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