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It was stressful to watch the market running down: quite ugly and very disappointing in fact!  Thousands of pounds got wiped off in just a matter of minutes! I am human too and I was quite stressed. But I told myself to remain calm. I prevent myself from taking spur of the moment decisions. To make matters worse, all of those I explained earlier happened on a day when the entire market was already going down. I am talking about what happened to WorkHorse a couple of days ago. I have invested heavily in them and my gain was around 100%. Within few minutes my portfolio went down to -10% – just like that! The reality of the stock market was so loud. I didnā€™t follow the news and hence I was shocked at first. Though I didn’t know, I guessed the reason. 


That is what we should talk about for the next couple of days. 

To begin with, I would like you all to read this page.

Later today, I will post you the second part of this post. Watch out!

-with love šŸ˜‰

Your London Investor

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