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Hi there,
We are reaching the month of April, one of the good months as I would like to call it in terms of stock investment. At least, that is how it was in the past. Generally speaking, stocks perform better. Good stocks show some bullish movements. So I would like to remain positive despite the price action at moment. I would like to see some green in our portfolios. It’s been a while now, isn’t it? So ye, fingers crossed šŸ¤ž.

$ABML & $IQST both have a lot to bring in this month. I will write proper stock analysis about them separately. Let’s hope Trading 212 would lift the ban on $IQST soon. In fact, I can sense that $IQST is about to leave to moon. They are not gonna wait for us. It would be fun to watch.

Well, we had a good Zoom session on our series of ā€œValuing a Stockā€ on the 27th of March. That’s our second meeting on the topic of ā€œUnderstanding Fundamentalsā€. It took longer than I originally planned to finish the session. But we learnt some interesting stuff from that. Didn’t we? Now you know what to look for in a financial statement. I am preparing a list of companies for you to fill the matrixes that we learnt. The list will be a mix of good and bad companies. It would be fun to go through their statements. Let’s see.

In the next meeting, which will be in couple of weeks of time, we will learn the matrixes that can help us to read the companies better from the balance sheet. I cannot wait to share what I have prepared for that session. That will be a common session for all of you. So stay tuned.

Alright, that’s it from me now. I will meet you all again tonight after the market closes via YouTube live or a patron voice call. Hope we will have a good Monday and a better week this time.

London Investor

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