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Hello people, thanks for logging into our patreon voice call earlier!!!! Usual Disclaimers aside here is a summary

2nd March Patreon voice call at 9 pm – Discussion on IBKR (LI and Gulnaz)

• We discussed the need to move from T212 – larger spread, autonomous and unannounced action on our behalf, recent decisions regarding GAXY, LLKKF etc.

• Why IBKR? Global platform, Vast choice of OTC stocks

• Gulnaz provided us with some insights based on her experience with IBKR IBKR more suitable for people who trade regularly because of charges o Fee – you can determine what price you can buy, you can see what the bid is and what the offer is – there is lot of flexibility with IBKR o Charges can be very high with OTC stocks o Fixed and tiered pricing models – refer to IBKR website o If you are buying a high number of penny stocks, say 5000 shares and the charge is 0.005 cents, you could end up paying 25 dollars for one transaction – So perhaps IBKR is more suitable for expensive stocks and if you are trading regularly

• Ask yourself why you are switching over? DYOR and decide

• Comparable trades (T212 vs. IBKR) have shown that you get a better deal as you know the exact price you are buying at and the deal goes through straight away. In this scenario charges becomes irrelevant Q and A

• IBKR has a two way security factor in the system and we discussed that while it might be a little complicated to use we think it’s probably safer

• The set up phase needs a lot of questions to be addressed and we think its set up that way for own safety

• We discussed wire transfer methods, settlement period and setting up a work station

• We agreed that we need more understanding of their fee structure and type of account features and we will do that in subsequent sessions

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