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MARCH 2nd Patreon Voice LI 12 pm Disclaimer: Do Your Own Research

* LI has shared info 5 companies on his Patreon – all of them related to Blockchain technology in one way or another

* Over all idea of Blockchain technology is to facilitate trust in peer to peer and move away from centralised power – we need to look at not one company in particular, but the technology as a whole

* Institutions are seldom forthright in sharing what crytos they have invested in

* A study puts the value of investing in Blockchain right now at 1:123468 USD, 10 years from now – get in early and as quickly as possible

* We touched upon $CAN, one of the “stocks to watch” suggested by LI this morning – $CAN like NVIDIA, IBM, INTEL provides hardware solution in the form of powerful chips to the mining companies

* our research on HIVE led us to $CAN – Note: this is one way of identifying and understanding new companies

* We talked about the importance of doing your own research – LI is happy to share his own research and findings, but its our responsibility to read up before making decisions – the objective of this group is to encourage us to become responsible investors and this will be emphasized again and again

* Future voice calls are likely to occur with short notice – Note: this is a special offer that LI would like to do to engage closely with community and isn’t something that was pledged

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Dear newbies,

I would like to interact with you more. I think this is the time for that.