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Summary from MARCH 4th Patreon Voice call 8 pm – LI We will try address some of your Q’s that LI has been getting today

• Is it a market crash? o Based on our research encompassing past performance and future predictions we do think this could be a deep correction o We spoke about Bond price dynamics and government buying activity and we don’t see changes in macroeconomic behaviour and hence we think this is unlikely to be a crash

• What are the likely options? o Sell, keep and buy back o Selling at loss to offset potential from a tax perspective ( we are in the process of verifying the legality of this)

• The best strategy however is to wait and watch – after all we are here for a long play and we should try and refrain from reacting to short term volatility. If we have done our basic research thoroughly, have set price targets and exit points there should be no reason to panic

• Finally, even if this is a market crash, realise this is something that is beyond predictions and our control


• We wanted to understand how LI identifies stocks? What is that he reads? o We try and understand about upcoming sectors ( EV, block chain, AI, 3D printing, clean energy, gene editing, IOT etc.) and understand the players ( website research, IR presentations and do qualitative analysis) and their allied industries ( for EV this would be charging companies, Lithium players, for Block chain players this could be companies that supply hardware for mining). We suggest investing in companies that you fully understand and comfortable with o Reading material: We find internet and networking is far more powerful than reading, for some reading suggestions check out our resources page. Another recommendation would be “How I earned my first million Nicholas Davis”

• We discussed the correlation between earnings call and Share price action – Share price will rise in anticipation of a good earnings call followed by mass selling after release of earnings report despite good earnings report

• T212 seems to be follow a pattern with penny stocks – first stops buying and only allows us to sell and then stops selling and then allows to buy : we need to understand why this happens and perhaps consider taking a collective action

• We talked about GAXY vs big players (Apple, IBM etc ) competing for the same space using Microsoft/Slack analogy and affordable product line from GAXY and their relationship with customer base

• We touched base on investing in recovery stocks (cruise, hospitality stocks etc) and share price appreciation vs OTC stocks

• Delisting LKCO: what is likely to happen if delisting occurs, companies /banks obtain the shares back, the shares cannot be traded anymore. We do believe that LKCO will make a solid case to prevent delisting from occurring. It has big institution backing (FORD) too

• KWBT update – financial reports due in April, US registered auditing process in place we believe

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