Keeping money in hand for a long period should not be the habit of a good investor.

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It’s gonna be fun tonight. We will get an indication on which way the market would move in the coming weeks. Despite the price action in the market, we should prepare ourselves to face the worst and the best in the market. (Note: I have mentioned ‘the worst’ first, deliberately)

We will try and focus more on $IQST, $HIVE, $LKCO (high risk high reward), $GSAT, $TAKOF, $ABML and so on in the coming days.

$ABML is an absolute steal at this price. So do all of them mentioned above. Both topping up and opening new positions can be highly beneficial. 

We have a new addition – Euronav ($EURN). We expect this largest crude tanker company in the world to benefit as tanker demand is likely to increase both for inventory building and floating storage. This is a value stock and they do return 80% of their earning to the customers. We think $EURN is a very secure play, if anyone interested. 

We would focus on the companies with actual potential more than their current paper value. We call these growth stocks. However, times like provide us a chance to check on other secure options: SPACs, Bonds, Good Paper value stocks are some other alternatives. 

By and by, keeping money in hand for long should not be the habit of a good investor. 

Happy(!) Monday folks. 

-with love 😉

Your London Investor

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