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The progress in life is all about addition of KNOWLEDGE and that is what I would like to write about today. Be informed that a huge part of the wealth on this earth is controlled just by a handful of rich people. They run the world literally. Why is it only a few, not many? It’s simply because people who understand the art of making money are comparatively less. This understanding has its own hierarchy. We weren’t taught to make and manage money in schools, were we? Rather we were taught to be employees.

Someone wants us to be just another machine that runs the world economy the way they want. This is how it was then, this is how it is now and this is how it will be. Interestingly, only few enthusiastic members of the general public got into the wealth making process. I have written this post, so I am one of them. If you are reading this post, you are one of them too. Only a few out of us will have a good race. Why?

Public market is one of the places where the major part of the wealth of a nation rotates. If you show and tell a person, who works all his life in a 5-8 job,  that he could have earned his entire wages of all these years in an year of proper stock investment, what would he think at that point of time? Absence of this thought element in one’s life is the capital for those who run this wealth of word. Did you get it? If not, let me explain. 

Do you know that many people who work for public companies don’t know their company is trading in public market? They may have heard of the term ‘public company’. But that is just another term they come across in their life. Top managers are also included in this list of ignorance. What a pity! 

Let us take a real world case study: If a Tesla Employee, Tommy, say a floor sweeper who has been working for Tesla for last 10 years, had invested a little portion of his saving in Tesla every month when it was still under $20 a share, considering the share price of Tesla now, he doesn’t need to work anymore today, does he? Tommy however, is still in the cleaning department of Tesla.

So what prevents Tommy from investing in Tesla? The answer lies in “Knowledge”. If he had known that he could potentially multiply his saving by 200 times, I am sure he would have invested in Tesla. Don’t you think? On the other hand if Tommy had invested and become wealthy, who would be sweeping for Elon Musk? So where does Elon’s capital lie?

A better understanding of Economy would make many of us rich. The only gateway of getting this understanding is gaining knowledge ourselves.  

What is the stock market?

What is a stock?

Who is an investor? 

Why/ how share price goes up or down?

What is the value of your stocks?

What are the other external factors that affect your investment in stock market?

What are the other possible forms of investment?

Likewise, there are many things we should understand while doing our investment and trading. That’s seeking “knowledge”. This wouldn’t occur if you are seeking information on the next Ticker Symbol, target price, buying point, selling point from others, like many of your YouTubers, mentors, and websites and so on without concentrating on the basics. That’s what I want to talk to you, my Patrons: “Basics of gaining Knowledge, over and over again”. 

-with love 😉

Your London Investor

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