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We spoke about MARKET VOLATALITY and the importance of being patient in a long play. Seeing a good return term gives a kind of assurance and hope but it imperative to understand that you are likely to encounter periods where markets may remain low for period of up to 18 months at a time. Remember the black Monday from 1980? The entire market went down by 22%. It’s good that we entered into a bull market and gained some insight and experience into how the market rewards you. Perhaps now is the time to understand your own risk tolerance levels to be able to play this game further. Looking at index graphs from the past, it’s quite clear that if you are able to ride the volatility wave, you are looking at high returns in multiple over time. This is impossible if you play a quick game. So, let us understand the market behaviour and tune our own behaviour towards money. It indeed is OK to be to be a short term player, but do understand the amount of risk to take here no matter what sort of an investment play you are engaged in. Every part of your game will have this risk. This is hard to escape from.[21:39]If someone was able to predict the market with absolute certainty, he/she will be the wealthiest person in the world right? Over the years, stats and mathematic experts have tried to come up with formulas and patterns to try and break the market psychology/myths and have failed miserably. That’s the beauty and the beast scenario with the market With the abundant patience and right attitude in place, earning money will not be a rocket science if you play long. Spend time to understand the performance of the stocks you have invested in. And remember always play with the money you can afford to lose.

We touched upon the situation with Trading212 in UK: T212 leads us to take the decision in their favour. A couple of bearish articles have come out today with unsubstantiated claims. Our conviction level with IQST hasn’t changed. IQST has a stronger case here – If you analyse their cash flow, you can see that they have started buying back shares, increasing the investor’s value. So, how are we going to proceed? Standard disclaimers aside, London Investor would ideally like to move to another platform. Let us take a moment to understand that the gain/loss you see right now is an unrealised one. We have invested in an asset with an expected value appreciation “over time”. This has been proven time and time again based on past market behaviour. Beware of becoming a victim of market manipulation when you buy and sell at volatile times. Understanding basics is key here. We, at London Investor community believe in playing the game long and trust the research we have done. To quote Benjamin Graham time in the market beats timing the market!

AT London Investor community we will continue to play in OTC market because we fully understand the risk involved and reward that we could realise.

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