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Patreon Voice call 19th March

We spoke about beginners encountering market correction for the first time. One tip would be to take a hard look at your portfolio and understand whether the stocks have the same value as earlier and GIVE IT TIME TO RECOVER! Looking at the S&P 500 index performance for the last 5 years, you can see post pandemic recovery took about 6 months and the market went back to an all-time high. So, don’t be deceived and refrain from panicking. Situation with Penny Stocks: Pessimists come with some form of argument with no effect value questioning our choice of penny stocks. We focus on penny stocks for two primary reasons 1) comparatively high returns 2) experience the growth of the company. It’s imperative to recollect that market correction doesn’t generally spare particular players – OTC or otherwise. Companies with good investor following will bounce back quicker (e.g., Tesla). OTC companies could follow a similar pattern. Do a proper review of your own portfolio and remember – it’s completely OK to divest into large caps. London Investor will share a Google sheet on stock analysis that would help us to create our own snap shots of the stocks we own and take decisions accordingly

$IQST: Check out Farzana’s DD in IQST chat room and do post your research. London Investor remains bullish on this: $IQST has started buying back shares indicating enough cash flow, solid revenues $ABML: We continue to be super bullish! Interestingly $ABML has found its own audience and so has $GAXY (resistant at 0.02) Tip: Now would be a good time to find super resistant stocks – $IQST for instance has managed to show resistance around 1 USD Blockchain: application is increasing and we see more and more integration into everyday business. Check out and start gathering information on these companies (not to invest, but to understand their business models) • $GFTX which has managed to differentiate itself through application of this technology.





$SANP: pink stock, you might have a challenge buying for the first time in IBKR $CCTL: Dr. Rai highlighted some research with a word of caution on $CCTL $SANP and also discussed how “things don’t add up with $CCTL” $KWBT: Share price is a market reaction and not a reflection of company performance. Considering their financial performance from audited reports this could be undervalued and one of the reasons why perhaps we invested in them (1p share price and 40M revenue)

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