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Voice Call Minutes – 1 April 2021 – ( refer to our standard disclaimers please )

We talked about Stocks that performed well and some new ones selected by the platinum members group

• $ALPP: picked up ( by approximately 17%); we still have a long way to go. LI suggests that you follow, so many good things anticipated

• $DSGT: started showing colourful presence in social media platforms: waiting for some vehicles to arrive at showroom ( 4 months of wait now) and go for a grand opening – potential for swing trade ?? (Word of Caution though as stock got hit recently)

• $GAXY: LI still holding, Stock showed good movement end of day today

• $IPNFF: LI mentioned this in his twitter page; had a real good run more than 30% gain today, DYOR, very interesting to follow ( check out company website), available in IBKR

• $GTVH – went up to 60%

• $SMKG up by 25%

• $SANP up by 13%

• $OZSC up by 20%

• $HVBTF – still recovering; although they are mining at a good rate, sell their earnings once they collect Bitcoins and doesn’t find its way as digital assets on their balance sheets

• $HUT – Canadian company also mines but doesn’t sell – check them out ( need permission to trade on IBKR)

• $GLXY – Canadian financial service providers for BlockChains and other cryptos , trying to build a corporate banking for crypto – check them out too

• $ABML – not a strong move yet , LI expects the pace to pick up, eventually if they manage to list in NASDAQ as they claim their wish to be, demand will go up and so will Share Price. Once pilot factory is built (which we can witness 24/7) they are expected to start commercial process by end of 2021 (can recycle 20,000 tons)

• $IQST – T212 ban hasn’t been lifted yet although we keep hearing end is near. If that happens this will be the first one to move. Company about to announce some news that could push SP above 1 USD cage

• $LLKKF – Lithium play, produce 99.9% of pure lithium, banned by T212; LI still holding

• $KWBT – showed some positive movement, about to file 2020 auditing; bear in mind 2020 revenues will not be great as 2019 revenue ( 14 M )

• $VUZI LI holds; invested when SP was under 4 USD , has done well during this period of correction ( SP 20 USD now) LI Shared a spread sheet for monitoring stocks that lets you write your DD, capture short and long term catalysts, Share Price, Relative Volume, Average Volume, PE ratio, EPS metrics, Outstanding Shares etc. in one spread sheet – intended for patrons LI has been using a Google sheet tracker: useful to follow volume and Relative volume which are helpful to identify companies, helps you when you decide to make a new investment –will be shared later


• LI has been using it for a couple of weeks, Web version looks sophisticated, if you can customise, you get all parameters in one place

• LI portfolio page tracks – ticker symbol, positions, average price, last price, Changes, market value daily gains, realised gains

• Note : $$ from trade sell offs takes time to settle and transfer and currency conversion takes time as well

• Subhan will share another resources document to help you set up and understand Discussion

• $WDLF – LI thinks company has good management and has shown commitment , business model is interesting, can easily move to QB, no more convertible loans , number of people following the company has increased, increase in Relative Volume by 1.5, have greater market to cover, LI sees potential as a semi mid-term play , will do a video (apply caution – OTC stock!!!)

• IBKR : o Dr Rai spoke about delay in getting Settled cash; also please check commission rates always: it might be a good idea to do trade at one go and plan your entry carefully o Brokerage fee – It’s advisable to always add commission fee to your purchases ( buying fee, selling fee, stamp duty) o Gulnaz: calculates final price as price paid plus charges , net gain made will be minus the charges o Attitude of investment – plan your buy, calculate the money you pay o Swing trading – T212 is better unless you keep money ready in IBKR o Note: If you have a margin account – you can borrow against your unsettled account (funds that are not cleared yet and there is no interest charges if its less than a day)

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