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The graph attached here is of MARA’s.
It was trading at $2.48 on 16th of November, which is just 5 months ago. So, during that period, MARA had shown some maturity and moved up by 2000%.
10k shares of MARA purchased at that earlier price worth $24,800, would have resulted in a return of $500,000 – half a million dollars. Not a bad return for a five months investment, don’t you think?
Now UK investors, if that trade had been made via ISA, there would be no tax on that gain whatsoever. Sounds like a retirement plan?

Well, people like to see the success; to be precise, the facade of success! Hence often, they don’t pay attention to the details behind it.
Do you know that in this 5 months’ time frame, MARA was one of the most vulnerable stocks with so many down runs? The SP was highly dependent on Bitcoin’s value. Bitcoin was on a mad roller coaster run. But people who trusted Bitcoin and the company MARA remained calm, patiently waited for this movement.

I am not saying every stock will provide yields like MARA. But, at least a few good picks will definitely take us to that level. The time frame may be plus or minus. But this kind of results in growth stocks is not a new thing in the market.

So what are the other stocks that I believe would give this kind of wild result? This is what you should pay attention to.
Well, you know better, nothing to say for sure. Though there are many stocks in my mind at the moment. The fundamentals and situation leads me to think, LKCO would at least give us a 10X effect in shorter period of time than any other picks, of course subject to the court verdict on their soft ban, which has its hearing on MAY 3rd.

It’s not that the share price will rocket to the moon right after the verdict. but there will be a sudden increase in demand, that will pressure the share price to go up. We cannot say how far it can move, but the amount of people follow the stocks getting increased in recent time. That post a strong feeling about this stock. But again, looking at what happened to Xiaomi stock price in Hong Kong market after the positive verdict, i am not expecting a huge run right after the news. It is simply because the company’s valuation will not be changed based on a court verdict. it is a pubic market value that get affected. And Xiaomi is not listed in American Market, LKCO is. Hence a good news from the court, will win US investor’s trust. There will be many new investors will open their position. that will show some real positive move in the share price. Besides, Luokung has such a strong business model and their fundamentals are second to non. They have their earning to be released this month as well. So it is definitely a stock to watch.
If all goes fine, there will be a lot of ups and downs on the way up of LKCO, just like MARA had. To name a few, offerings, profit takers, short interest bears and so many other market elements will play their role in making sure the stock stays vulnerable. Yet, I believe LKCO will push through all these and will show us the $20.

We will look at the graph and number analysis in another post. But remember, you should not invest your money in stocks if you are not ready to lose all of them. Both self-conviction and deep research should be the base of your decisions. I got a platform to share my thoughts. You should consider this an informative platform where you learn new things. Consider that you have a chance to read another person’s ideas and thoughts.


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