Solar Power – 2 Stocks

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2- solar power and renewable energy stocks to watch for next week and coming months.

1) $SOL  
52 WEEK HIGH – $35.77
Market cap – 640 million
Outstanding shares – 70 million (Amazing number)  
Float – 26 million ( Even beter)
Avg vol – 3.8 million
PB – 3.5 ( good)  
22.3 megawatts power solar project sold this month 2 gigawatts energy target this year, that is massive. Financially not bad fir a small Market cap company. 10% short interest, very less Outstanding shares may push the SP back to $ 30 soon. 

Warning -SP hit below 200days MA. It mat tank  even further below this line if investors not get interested buying back these shares.  We mentioned about in last year November, before it’s first rally. We did good swing with this stock

2)  $SUNW
SP- $10.77
52 WEEKS HIGH – 29.77

Partnership with Solcious would result extensive business opportunities. Very less Outstanding shares would give high investors value  back to 30 highly possible.

EV and Renewable energy (Green, solar) are two industries hammered during the major market correction in March. These industries are still struggling to back on theirs legs. I see it as an absolute investment opportunity.   

These are just for your attention. Investment decision is yours.

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