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They was this question from one of our member in our discord channel. He was asking do I still believe on my picks. I thought of answering that question as an self explanation so that everyone can read my side of thoughts. It goes like this;

The answer should go along with the time. In long run, they all should work fine. If not all, at least 80% of them. But again many of those stocks I picked for swing trading.
I set a price target and closed my position when it reaches.
Ex-CTRM, BIOL, SENS, EUPS CLWD and so on. If you look at my videos and live that I have done on them or reading my post on those stocks would tell you about my price targets.

Few I picked for my long hold

I can answer your question on behalf of my long hold picks.
Yes, I still do belive them.

Obviously, few of my picks went wrong.
DSGT – management didn’t show the courage to carry the hype when the SP hit 1.5. They failed the investors. I invested a lot in them. And closed my position without major lose.

CCTL – invested on their claims on the amount of bitcoin that they have. Got suspicious and got out early.

On 6th of April onwards ( after 2020 financial year ends) I decided to close many of my position at trading 212. I explained the reason many times in many places.

Some of them I will re-buy elsewhere.

I don’t like to list names because it creates lots of rumours among us. And I don’t need to create a panic among my follow investors.

All what I want to do to this community is that being an informer about few stocks that I belive would work fine in the future. Plus share what I know about investing in stocks.

I know many in the past, benefited from many of my picks. Not everyone reached me to thank me. And I didn’t expect that too. On the other hand, some of you offered me money and gifts for the gain you got and i kindly refused them. So now I know the ups and downs of what I am in. So no complaints.

So what I have been doing here?
I was very particular in educating and warning about investment decisions. Wasn’t I?
I talked about market volatility, patience, risk and reward nature of otc stocks, why we should not invest money on otc stocks that were kept for other needs and all sort of things. Didn’t I?

I have been active in many platforms. People who follows me know what I am talking about.

I even mentioned many time that you will lose money if you invest on a stock that you don’t know what you bought and why you bought them? At least if you had answer for those two questions, you would have known what to do with your investment in difficult time like this. I was so particular about those two questions. Wasn’t I?

Well, I understand the frustration of looking at the red in a portfolio. If this makes you calm, I will tell you the story about my portfolio.
One of two trading 212 portfolios that I managed was around to 400k by early February. Now it is less than 60k.
The other portfolio was 160k. Now it is 50k.
May be the only difference here is that my both portfolios are in green. But you should remember I have to pay tax for hundreds of thousands of gain that I got last year. If I do a math, I am in loss as well. Big time.

Few of our members send me personal massage about their concerns over their portfolio. I answered all of them with utmost care and responsibility. But after doing all what I have done, pointing the fingers towards me and asking me to take responsibility for all what’s happening around, seems to me little unfair. Correct me if I am wrong.

I wanted to write my site explanation on all what’s going around. so i did write this post. Hope my follow investors can understand it.

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