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Good morning Nation,
There are few good news to share this morning with few warnings obviously.
White house is on the full swing…
They vow to spend money on sustainable energy.
So we are putting our money on where their mouths are. Hence folks, Focus more on energy stocks.

Green energy
Solor power
EV vehicle
Alternative energy

These are the few area to focus. We already have a huge list of stocks under these sectors. I will re-post a list later today. Watchout.

Market today
We will have a good day on the said sectors at the market today, I hope. Overall we should see some green. Let’s pray for that. I badly need to see smiles on my patron’s faces. 😊

Block chain and crypto.
I am afraid have no good news here for short termers. MARA, RIOT will have tough time due to the BTC price action. Bitcoin may crush to touch 40k if it slips over 50 days moving avg. It looks to me it is coming. If so, That will crush the entire crypto market and block chain stocks. I mean the real crush. So Be prepared

Good news is though, if that’s happening, money will flow back into the stock market. OTC will highly be rewared.

Either way, we can get benefited if we play this game smart and long.

If you are investing in crypto for long hold, focus on big players coins like, BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, BNB, DOT and so on. I personally invested heavily On ADA. I do trust that the project. ADA will be a trillion dollars market cap coin in 2 to 3 years.
Now the market capital is 50billion.
1000/50 = 20
Meaning, ADA will be equal to $27 of today’s money value.
Your investment will be multiplied by 20 times.

These are speculation. Will it happen?
Who can say it for sure?
No one. But watch the market. Good news always reach the ears of people of patience.

Well, what will happen to stock markets?
All look good for now. But as you may have noticed market looks bit abnormal. Market indices are at the all time high. But our stock picks are tanking. It’s an unbalanced situation. So let’s wait and see.

That’s all for now. Please keep on watching our discord room. I am constantly posting stock information mostly for swing trading

Good luck and play safe

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