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What a day we had!  Finally, the market showed some positive moves overall. $IQST had a wild run that resulted in 27% of daily gain.

$GSAT had a good run with a 40% gain
$LKCO had a good day too$.
$GEVO, $ FCEL, $SOLO, $TTCF, $SOL, $SUNW, $HYLN, and many of our recent swing picks also had a good day. All in all, it was good to see that you guys are finally happy to see your stocks performing well

So, we had a good day. Now what?
Well, as I said before, the market has looked abnormal for quite some time now. Predictions may not be valid. Major companies are posting their financial reports this week. That could potentially mess-up the stability. However, despite all that’s happening around, l do trust that we will have a good week. Let’s see.

Stocks to watch
There are plenty of stocks to choose from, in the main market. Now is “THE time for ‘Shopping”. I will list a few here though, for you to follow.

1) $SKLZ – $21.19
$SKLZ is a tech company in the mobile phone gaming space, which came into the public market via a SPAC. At its peak, the SP was at $43. Seen widely as being oversold, they then had a down run for months. I see this as a great stock with a glorious past history. Recently ARK bought millions of $SKLZ shares that give an additional boost to the stock. The news has slowly started to spread. As a result, it had a good run in the past two days. It is still not too late. This has the potential to go back to its all-time high. If anyone looking for a good swing, I would recommend this stock. But play carefully. Setting a Stop-loss is advised.

2) $LAZR $25.49
Another super cool tech company in the autonomous vehicle industry! They make lidar sensor chips for vehicles. As you may know, there is a huge shortage of chips in EV vehicles sector, which affects EV production largely. $NIO, $TESLA, and many other big companies are facing such problems. (Search and read about this) That’s another reason for this company’s recent breakout. Good swing opportunity in my opinion
They had recently announced a partnership with airbus. This news is yet to spread to a wider audience, and it might be your chance.

3)$MVIS $26.43
Another lidar sensor tech company that benefited from short squeeze. Reddit hyped the stocks and I love it. It’s already at double of its last week’s stock price. I think it could still go wild, who knows! Watch out.

4) I would like to add

to this list. All of these can be a good swing, mid-term investment play.

How about penny stock?
It’s a good time to open positions with penny stocks. Along with our existing penny stock list, please do watch for these ones as well;

1) $GTII
Would you believe me if I were to say that this company has no business operations and yet had a 40% gain yesterday? Ye, it’s happening. Crazy OTC  market followers!. Well, this company claims ownership for intellectual property in bio-science and Green-tech. Last week they announced their interest in NFT. They own an original Picasso’s engraving. That triggered the market. It’s already at its peak. But considering their outstanding shares, I believe, they have room to grow in SP.

2) $TAKOF-$1.09
One of our old picks currently on sale. Drone play. I’m super bullish for the mid and long term.

3) $NAKD – $0.74

4) $WNBD – $0.0025
moved to pink current yesterday, would be a good buy.

Alright, that’s all for today.
Good luck and play safe

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