Investing in Cryptocurrency

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I have been frequently requesting you guys to consider investing in cryptos. A diversified portfolio with distinct asset types is a strategic investment move, especially in the long run. Options in the past included stocks and shares, cash in the bank, investment in real estate, investment in businesses, etc. We have one more option to add to that list and that is investing in digital currencies. Investing in cryptos will not be a different experience altogether if you are familiar with stock investing. Both stocks and cryptos operate in more or less similar principles: demand vs supply, bid and ask, outstanding coins and shares, market capital, brokers vs exchange, and so on. Quite similar as you can see. However, the distinctive differences between these two are to be understood clearly. Stocks are regulated and traded under the governance of centralized authorities. On the other hand, cryptos are run by decentralized internet protocols. Therefore, dealing with cryptos needs a little more practice and understanding compared to stock trading. But again, it is not rocket science and with some effort, everyone can understand how the crypto process works. We should of course start somewhere and if you are not into crypto yet, I would recommend, it’s high time to study and to start including it as an asset class in your portfolio

Do remember, with cryptos, we are at the peak of a wild bull market at the moment. Everyone is greedy now. You should fear when everyone else is greedy. Take note of that too.

So, what next?
A strong bear market is anticipated to follow. But I don’t think it will be as bad as the one we saw in 2017/2018’s. Oh boy, that was ugly! BTC lost 40% of its value overnight. Times have changed and unlike before, Cryptos are now accepted widely. Institutional investments in cryptos are increasing which might bring more stability to the crypto market. Nevertheless, you should play carefully as always

Despite the evolving dynamics, enriching your knowledge about cryptos seems inevitable. Every investor should do that. You too.
We will talk more about cryptos from now on. My target is to allocate 30% of my content to crypto-related topics. Let’s see.

Well, write to me in the comment section below as to what you would like to know about cryptos? I will cover them in my upcoming posts and videos

Some info on stocks:
I am expecting good news from IQST this week.
Will see how it goes.

Do watch these two videos that I uploaded yesterday for additional information.

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