Cryptos an insight and COTI – a chance at 4000% gain?

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Cryptos, cryptos cryptos everywhere! Talks about digital currency as they are often referred to, have taken over the digital world these days, raising both curiosity and fear at the same time.


Before we talk about cryptos let us reflect a bit, Shall we?

Ever wondered about the origin and use of money and the various payment processes that exist already? Is the actual value of 20 dollar bill is in fact is 20 dollars? How does a card transaction work through a third-party player? Is it really cost-effective? Do you know how many transactions occur with a visa card per second?

Can’t the government simply print more currencies to support their economy? What happens to the value of the FIAT currency when the volume goes up?

If you have thought along these lines it’s very easy for you to understand that “a centralized body can print and control the value of the currency”.

Now think about the ramifications, if we could move into a decentralized model of a digital currency platform that is entirely controlled by peers?  Sounds impossible? Well, it happened. Launched 10 years ago, this ecosystem has moved at a rapid pace and has managed to find increasing acceptance amongst institutions, raising Qs such as – what determines the value for a cryptocurrency?  How do we use it? What is the payment method for cryptos etc.?  Well, today we are going to share with you information and insights about a company that does exactly that – COTI

COTI: Currency of Internet

COTI, with its well-structured payment infra-structure, is expected to offer a platform of solutions to companies in a much-digitalized way and thereby disrupt a market worth $2T. Key features of COTI include

·        Scalability – 100,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second)

·        Simple and easy user interface

·        Sell/buy protection

·        Cost-effectiveness because of its proof of stake concept

·        Price stability

Of particular interest is Cardano’s partnership with COTI on a payment platform, which is very simple and easy to use. In addition, there are at least 20 merchandises that accept COTI pay currently.

Let us talk some numbers:

·        COTI has a supply of 2B coins of which only 30% is up for sale:- 669M coins in circulation

·        Current Market Capital stands at $242 M ONLY (coin price: 0.3619). Even if fully diluted, the market cap is $750M

·        Now think about meme coins/hype coins in circulation – these are coins that have no purpose, no project backing, and have a ridiculous market cap of $5.29B

Is there a reason why COTI can’t be a company with a $10B or at least a $1B market cap?

We are talking about a 4000% gain here. What if we tell you that is easily achievable? Do you want to know why and how we say that? What catalysts are we talking about that can push the price up?

Interested? Curious? If you want to know more and understand our analysis much more in detail, do watch our video for further info

COTI is a jewel in making or a diamond in hiding! Go read and more about them

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