Market will never give up, until you do!

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Folks, I would like to share this information with you.
I have been investing in stocks and cryptos long enough, for me to understand the good and bad of stock trading. I have seen many ups and downs in my investment career so far: lost loads of money and earned much more than what I had lost. When things do go wrong, it is very difficult to stand by and watch as it costs you money in a literal sense. In fact, I would like to say that I have had a good investment career. But then CDF ruined everything. I remember having to go through sleepless nights, thinking about finding a formula to beat the market. I was about to lose my grip when I lost $28,000 in CFD. This was back in 2015. That was my lifetime savings after having spent millions building a house for my sister back home. I thought this is it. I had nothing left other than my day job. I took a step back from investing for almost 18 months. But I never once did I doubt the prosperity that the stock market can bring to someone’s life. I spent time learning about investment methods and measurements in various forms, mostly by reading books. I prepared myself like a warrior who prepares for his last battle.

As a young lad who always dreamed of retiring before he turned 40, I was always looking for opportunities to escape from what I had been doing. Not to forget, I always carry others baggage: family, friends, and so on. Oh boy, that was too tough! Carrying baggages will not let someone stand on their feet. Very expensive lesson learned indeed.

Do you know, I sold watches and clothes online! I even started an amazon business. I didn’t have time to fully concentrate on them. Besides, to get a huge return in such a business, you need a good sum of money and time. I didn’t have both.

I came to the UK in early 2017. I told myself, I will get back into the investment and I did one fine day. My return was a bang. Earned money on all that I did. The bull market and the boom in tech stocks helped me to gather a good sum as capital. I had shared all the money I had earned with many others and started all over once again. It is a kind of fun journey. No regret.

2020/ March happened. The market tanked by more than 50%. It was my chance to shine again. I bought good stocks at a cheaper price: Tesla for $300 prior to split, Fastly for $40, Nio for $3, FB for $140, etc., and earned a lot from swings. The period from November 2020 to 2021 January was even better for me. $ALPP happened. I became rich enough to retire. And hen $ABML happened.

Well, not all the stories continue as good stories as one would desire. The, by now famous March 2021 arrived with a bang showing her evil face. A major correction ensued. As a result of huge cash flow out from OTC to cryptos and due to so many other reasons, we are still in the down phase on all of our investments. It worried me initially, not because I was losing money. ( i don’t consider this as a loss at all) but because I happened to be the responsible captain of a ship . Otherwise, it would have been vacation cum shopping time for me

It was quite tough receiving massages on a daily basis from people who trusted you once, saying, they had incurred huge losses hence they are leaving. I didn’t stop any of them, but I didn’t forget to mention, “if at all you need any help, please do write to me.” I did mean it. I will do all that I can to help you.

It is very difficult to explain individually to many of your followers what’s happening in the market especially when they are at loss and not in a listening mood. It is even harder to ask them to wait. Nevertheless, I managed to be close with many of you during this hard time. I continuously shared all that I know about a time like this. I think I have been doing my job correctly so far.

All that I can ask you all now is this: you have been patient for more than two months now. If you can wait a little longer, you may see good times in the stock market back again. If you want to take a break, that’s fine too. But don’t give up! This market makes many people rich. You and I can be one of them. Being in the market during a tough time, and leaving it right before it blooms again is not a wise decision.

Now I am thinking out aloud here
Didn’t I talk about $ALPP and $ABML when their share price was still in pennies and so many other stocks in between? Some gave us good returns. Perhaps, some didn’t. But still we managed to hang around. Furthermore, didn’t I mention you about ADA and COTI? May be few of you have invested in these cryptos earlier, but I am certain many of you heard it from me for the first time. I am glad that I happened to share all of what I think would work at that time. We will talk more about a few other early stages coins in the coming days.
Now would you believe me if I say that I do trust that IQST will be one of the early runners once the market returns? Mark my words, it will be a wild run

The other two stocks that i do trust will have good return are:

You can check on these two stocks for now. They are fully ripped and waiting for the time to run. It is up to you to make your investment decision. But it is me who first mentioned to you about these stocks. I will remind you about these two stocks maybe in six months’ time.

That is all from me today. We will talk more in coming days.

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