Fundamentals, Some news and Stocks to watch

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Many of you seem to have missed our last zoom call. In fact, that was an interesting call. We discussed the investment fundamentals whilst addressing the topic of “why investors fail”. I shared quotes from the likes of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet, to explain why actually stock investors fail.
A common theme amongst the six reasons discussed on the day is “lack of knowledge and patience.”
My most favorite quote is attached to this post.

INSTAGRAM: We have created a brand new Instagram page for our London Investor community. You can follow us at the link below-

DISCORD: We have added new rooms for the three crptos that we have invested

Do use the dedicated rooms for your discussion on these topics please.

YouTube Live Streams: As you may know our Livestream is scheduled for weekdays Monday-Thursday at 9:00 pm. Please don’t miss it. We will discuss the market and our stocks in every session

Stocks for swing
Today, I’m expecting

a good run from $WKHS, $HYLN and $GEVO
$MARA and $RIOT to hold the line and perhaps a positive move
$LKCO to pass $1.60 – max up to10%
$IQST – No expectations yet
$ABML – holding 2+ is important
$BRTX should break $0.0085 resistance

That’s all from me.
Good luck and play safe

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