Stocks, Squeezes and Swings

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In our YouTube live last night, we discussed “stocks to watch out for” in an environment of short squeezing. Check our Discord for the list of stocks, please.
I have personally invested in


These are my part of the ISA account challenge that I share with our ‘project plus one‘ patron group.

I personally think it is an optimal time for swing trading; focus on high volume and highly volatile stocks. The above list is one such.
Set your target (small targets like 20%-30% would work better) and close your position before any dip. Make sure your choices can be held for another two or three months if things do go wrong.

Our YouTube session last night covered a myriad of stocks including $CLOV, $SENS, $IQST, $LKCO, $GAXY, $WDLF, $BRTX, $GEVO, $WKHS, $SKLZ, $HYLN, $FCEL, $ABML, $KWBT, $SOLO, $AMC, $BB . Do watch it here

Good luck and play safe

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