Schedule, Announcements and Project Plus One

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Guys, Many of you have subscribed to the new Tier” Project Plus One” in our Patreon group. 

This is our new member’s group. I am sharing all my trading with them. We do meet every week virtually to engage in discussion about stocks and investment strategy. I have initiated a”Project 100k” for our platinum members and we are trading with OTC stocks in IBKR. In addition, I am running an “ISA challenge” too. Please be advised that Project Plus one member will have access to both of these: Project 100k and ISA challenge.

So how about other patron members?
Thursdays and Fridays, I will be sharing all my tradings in the Classified patron trading section of our Discord. I have made an announcement about this in our discord. Seems many of you missed it. I am posting it again here.

General Schedule
1) General Voice Call – first and third Thursday of the week @ 9.00 pm UK time in our General Voice Room. I will deliver a 20 mins talk on select topics followed by a deep discussion on the topic and beyond. I will take questions and address comments.

2) I have created a room in our Discord to facilitate direct communication with London Investor. It can be found under our general section: #ask-london-investor. Post your questions there and tag me. I will answer at the earliest possible opportunity

3) Every Friday I will post all my tradings for the day at #london-investor-tradings room. In a good day, I do more than 20 buying and selling for my swing trades. you will all gain access to that

4) We will do regular YouTube lives Monday to Thursday every week (except 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month) at 9.00 PM UK time at our London investor YouTube channel. I will review the market as a whole and also discuss our stock picks during the live session

5) Patron Zoom calls 1st and 4th week of the month. The duration of these calls will be between 90 – 120 mins. This is mostly a learning call as I would like to call it. We will cover investment topics. we will introduce new cryptos & stocks. My investment strategy and other matters will be discussed too. Since this is a close group call you can expect a level of intensity. We will close the session with Q&A

6) Words of the day: All of our Patreon members will have access to my daily writing on the patron page. This can also be accessed later on our website We will share possible tradings for the day and weeks to come. We share motivational stories on investment and many more on these write ups.

7) All Patreon members will have access to my tradings on Thursday and Friday. I will post all my buying and selling at the Classified patron trading room. You will also be informed prior to my move.

8) Patron Voice call: We will have random patron voice calls in our classified patron voice room. These are mostly unplanned activities, initiated based on perceived need if any

9) Project Plus One: Our Project Plus One members will have access to my Project ISA – a project that I initiated to achieve a goal of 500k from 20k in my ISA account.  Plus we are doing some other challenges as well. This closed group meets every week and discusses progress and among other things.  They have access to my ISA portfolio. I discuss my new finds in crypto and stocks before I talk about them in public

 Hope this clarifies many of your querries

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Dear newbies,

I would like to interact with you more. I think this is the time for that.